Girello restaurant located in Lower Manhattan in TriBeCa was in desperate need of a brand and identity re-design. They relied on a 15 year old computer and an old xerox printer to churn out copies of their menus in “lovely” center justified Papyrus. With their beautiful soft amber lighting, rustic interior and whimsical trinkets rounding out their charm, they needed a new identity to connect with the younger New Yorkers and increase business. We await final approval and budget allocation to move forward with implementation. 2013

A shot of business cards, which were non-existent, and note cards for patrons to write down or sketch out ideas.

The beautiful back wall of the restaurant that was the basis for the design. At night, the amber lights and candles, shine different ranges of light along the wall.

A digital screenshot of the menu backing design which reflects the large back wall of the restaurant.

The final printed menu backing design.

A shot of the interior of the menu. Each food section has two graphic translations of items found on shelves around the restaurant.

A wide shot of the bar portion of the establishment.

A close-up shot of the bar.

Customized coasters for patrons who collect bar coasters.

The full set of the wine and cocktail menus. The covers reflect a large chandelier in the center of the restaurant and the hanging lights found all around the establishment.

The complete identity created for Girello to give it an edge on competitors and a distinct look that reflects the establishment’s rustic charm.

Girello restaurant is located in TriBeCa in Lower Manhattan on Varick Street.