Most Dangerous 2011

At the Height of the Libyan conflicts I chose to make a book highlighting the worlds most dangerous places. The Images were pulled from photo-journalism data-banks. I used the Japanese 5-hole punch book-binding technique to create the book. 2011

title page of “most dangerous places 2011″

This is a introduction page to a country. The Name of the country is listed first. Under the name are the coordinates for the country. Under the coordinates is the population at the time. Under the population is the countries ‘IJET’ Rating. IJET is the worlds danger rating system that runs on a scale of ’1-5′ under five different categories (crime, security service, civil unrest, terrorism and kidnappings) ’5′ being most dangerous and ’1′ being safest.

Sample of the introduction page for Libya.

A computer screen grab of the full introduction page for Libya. The boxes of color are meant to pull the viewers attention away from less important details and make them focus on the main points of the picture. Most faces are blocked out and any trivial details or anything too distracting are removed by use of the squares.

Sample of the introduction page for Somoalia.

An inside spread page for the country Somalia.

A Screen grab of the information page for Pakistan.

Sample of the introduction page for Iraq

A screen grab of an inside page for Iraq.

Most Dangerous Places colophon page.