Thesis: Booklet

Along with my poster set I worked with a few different organizations located in the Hudson Valley region to collect data for an informational book. This book has a very heavy 50′s style design with images of happy people juxtaposed with images of destroyed landscapes and other negative effects of ‘Hydro Fracking’. The book explains in detail 13 different issues involved with Hydraulic Fracturing so people can acquire a better understanding on the subject.2012

Dispersed throughout the book are spreads containing a 50′s style pattern next to an 50′s style illustration of happy people in various activites.

Sections on a specific issue have an accompanying image to visually engage the viewer.

Another one of the informational spreads.

Another one of the informational spreads.

Another example of a full 50′s style spread. A flowback pit full of poisonous water opposed by a scene of friends fishing in the local lake.

Another full spread using an image and a 50′s style television announcement screen.

The last few pages of the book are about how you can take action, through research, online petitions. I also designed a petition that people may remove and send to their local official and tell them not to allow fracking in their area. Each letter has one of the 5 posters on the back to show that this is larger than one person but an entire movement.