Thesis: Poster Series

My Senior Thesis project focused on the subject of Hydraulic Fracturing in the Marcellus Shale. Using a broad set of skills I have acquired over my studies I created a set of posters and information book to inform people on the dangers of the process. Each poster deals with a separate issue arising from the process of ‘Hydro Fracking’. I chose to use 50′s style influence because of the amount of misleading and false facts used to promote items ranging from cigarettes to cleaning solution as “safe for the entire family”. 2012

Poster 1/5 deals with the issue of the chemicals used and their harmful effects of the body. The painted x’s represent common ailments associated with some of the chemicals found in the chemical make-up of ‘Fracking Fluid’ or a mix of sand, water and chemicals, some harmful and some carcinogenic. The chemicals can come in contact with people through direct ingestion of contaminated well water & breathing in the fumes and pollution from well sites.

Poster 2/5 Deals with the issue of wellsite emmissions and pollution. The front side of each poster is meant to represent the clean, natural gas ads Gas companies are showing the public. The beneficial effects of a clean energy source.

The back of the poster uses paint to show the hidden negative effects of many of the processes involved in Hydraulic Fracturing. Many of which are hidden from the public when the Gas Companies advertise their process. This side represents the pollution emitted from each wellsite that can only be seen using infrared cameras.

Poster 3/5 represents the harmful effects of the chemicals on water.

This poster deals with the contaminated water, now poisonous, that is left out in the open in holding ponds called “flowback pits” these pits are usually improperly fenced off allowing animals to drink the poisonous water. The water is also allowed to evaporate sending harmful chemicals into the air to rain down on land and ground water in other areas.

Poster 4/5 deals with the noise and light pollution of the large trucks needed to transport equipment through residential neighborhoods.

Large industrial trucks are needed to transport the massive amounts of water and supplies. Many times these trucks travel down roads not meant for industrial weight and through residential neighborhoods day and night effecting. these trucks and sights are very bright and loud keeping residents up at night.

Poster 5/5 deals with the issue of well spacing.

Up to 16 wells can be placed in a 1 square mile area. SUNY New Paltz campus is a little over half a square mile and can allow for 9 wellsites spaced on our small school campus.